ComplexCore – Stabilisation in Training and Therapy for Health and Fitness Professionals (TORONTO, CANADA)

ComplexCore – Stabilisation in Training and Therapy for Health and Fitness Professionals (TORONTO, CANADA)
Event on 2011-11-20 10:00:00


Start:10:00 Introduction of Patrick Beriault and Roman Jahoda

10:10 ComplexCore Theory – anatomy, core function, training plan design, core training in therapy, core training in athletics

11:10 Break

11:20 Core Mobilization practical

12:00 Lunch

13:00 Core stabilization – Local system activation practical

13:30 ComplexCore – Assessment Protocol practical

14:00 Core stabilization – Global system activation practical

14:45 Q&A

End: 15:00 Conclusion

CEC Credits eligibility:

Approved for CECs by Canfitpro, Canadian Society for Exercise and Physiology, Ontario Kinesiology Association, Canadian Kinesiology Alliance, Alberta Kinesiology Association.

**Certificate of completion of 10 hours of ComplexCore workshop will be given to participants**

Background Information

Roman Jahoda (physiotherapist and trainer from Salzburg, Austria) and Patrick Bériault (exercise physiologist and kinesiologist from Ottawa, Canada) have been working together to develop a specific assessment and training concept for core mobilisation and stabilisation over the last 10 years. The purpose of the concept is to provide therapists and clients access to the most advanced training techniques, assessment protocols, and training concepts to optimize their practice. Whether you are a kinesiologist, physiotherapist, massage therapist, sport medicine doctor or coach, ComplexCore will make you a better practitioner.

Some of our combined experience in athletics includes working with national teams such as Volleyball, Basketball, Judo, Jiu-jitsu and Ski Austria, the Canadian Olympic table tennis team and the Slovakian National Handball team. On the professional level, we have experience working with drivers and pit crews from motor sport teams such as Formula 1, DTM, and Porsche Cup. We have also worked with ice hockey teams in Salzburg and across Canada.

Roman Jahoda manages a clinic in Salzburg, Austria; UnionLab: a sport science training and rehabilitation centre. Roman is also an instructor at Salzburg's Sports University in the Masters Studies of Sport Science and Kinesiology program.

Patrick Beriault is the CEO of KinMotion, a kinesiology based clinic using sport science assessments (such as Vo2 max and sub max.), lactate and accelerometry to assess and correct optimal training program design for clients. Patrick has also had the opportunity to be a part-time professor at the University of Ottawa in the Human Kinetics undergraduate program, teaching the fourth year course, Neural Aspects of Human Movement. He also worked as the exercise physiology laboratory facilitator.

Why should you include ComplexCore as a part of your training and rehabilitation programs?

Our experience in competitive sports, clinical work and many years supporting athletes and clients has always led us to the same point: the core is the central factor for athletic success or pain free movement – mobility, segmental stability and complex force are important requirements for the prevention of injury and optimal performance.

The core transfers reactive forces; it is used as an initial point for movement, and it supports our extremities (legs and arms). It is also responsible for precise control in segmental activation and works as a generator for maximal forces in complex, high load whole-body motions.

We collected and systemized over 1000 exercises. The goal is to create an overview, orientation, and sophisticated structure in a single concept. This offers a clear way through the huge variability of possibilities for core training in therapy and sport. The best part about this training concept is that after a few hours of practice with our team, allied health professionals will be able to be on the same page as their clients, and offer them better training and rehabilitation solutions.

Due to the importance of core training, the intent is to reach a broad spectrum of people: kinesiologists, physiotherapists, massage therapists, trainers of all kinds of sports, athletes, coaches and patients. We have developed multiple workshops/seminars for each of these populations, and we have developed materials to help you with the application of this innovative training concept.

Why is ComplexCore so effective?

Participating in a ComplexCore workshop will dramatically improve your practice. It will allow you to maximize your expertise to understand your clients' functional needs and use core training as a concept to create exercise plans and follow ups that streamline client success and professional productivity.

About the Presenters

Roman Jahoda -Lead Concept Developer and Author

Co-founder and Manager of UnionLAB, a network of health clinics in Salzburg, Austria.

Roman is a physiotherapist with many years of experience in high-level sport and organizations:

– Motor sports (F1, DTM, Porsche Cup)

– Soccer Referees (Austrian soccer federation, Swiss soccer federation, UEFA)

– National Judo team Austria

– National and First League Volleyball Austria

– National Jiu Jitsu team Austria

– Elite sports school in Austria

– National Handball team Slovakia

– Second League Basketball

Patrick Beriault – North American Representative

Founder of KinMotion Consulting Inc. in Ottawa, Canada

Certified exercise physiologist and kinesiologist with professional experience in the following fields and organizations:

– Table Tennis Canada

– Combative sports conditioning and mental readiness (Kick-boxing, BJJ & MMA)

– Canadian and Austrian Judo Teams

– Canadian and Austrian Jiu-jitsu Teams

– Ice Hockey Goalies

– Developmental Soccer

– Neuromuscular Rehabilitation

– Cardiac and Diabetes Rehabilitation

at Body + Soul Fitness
378 Eglinton Ave West
Toronto, Canada

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